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Sep 3, 2019 2:25:00 PM


According to a survey conducted last year, internet users are now spending an average of almost 2 and a half hours on social media EVERY SINGLE DAY. That's over 16 hours a week!

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Aug 28, 2019 3:52:00 PM

7 Must Have Resources for the Content Marketer

As a content marketer, there are so many resources out there available for us to use to help make our lives easier. From social calendars to image resources and link builders.

They are all essential tools we should have in our belts but as there are just so many to choose from, we thought we’d round up some of our Proven favourites.

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Aug 20, 2019 6:05:00 AM

How to sell a rubber chicken.

For the purposes of this piece, a rubber chicken is an analogy for something most of us don’t want or need, and yet Loftus International one of many companies who produce rubber chickens sell between 10 -20 thousand per year. That’s either a lot of prop comedy or there is something else happening here.

In this upside down and topsy turvy world, media manipulation is openly discussed as a legitimate tactic from politics through to marketing and the line between the two has never been thinner. There has never been a more media savvy generation with people openly courting social media fame, the rise of the influencer, the awareness of “mise en scène”. Everyone is vying for attention and with the proliferation of channels and content it seems like everyone from brands to producers and even politicians are shouting “look at me”.

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Aug 13, 2019 9:30:00 AM


With the introduction of the internet and new avenues of advertising and reaching your audience, direct mail took a small hit, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a useful marketing technique. One that can work alongside your Inbound Marketing strategy if you do it right.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) analysed data and found that direct mail has a 4.4% response rate, reasonably high considering the response rate for emails is 0.12%.

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Aug 6, 2019 2:30:00 PM

Brands Are Taking a Stand

Brands can no longer sit back and keep going without getting involved. With our society a mix of nonsense and confusion we need, more than ever, for brands to speak up, speak out and encourage social change and teach the world what really matters.

Over the recent few years, we’ve seen big brands such as Nike and Gillette doing more than just advertising their products, they’re taking a stand. Standing up for something they believe in and doing their bit through their marketing to ensure we know where they stand and hopefully, encouraging change in the process. 

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Jul 23, 2019 2:30:00 PM

Why Wasn't Super Mario 2 Pursued in it’s Marketing?

Mario Maker 2 has been out for a few days now and, if you don’t know, is a game for the Nintendo Switch (the newest console by Nintendo) that allows you to create and play Mario levels, both your own and others.

With this premise you may see how large the game can get and how long it would take to just play every level, the Youtuber “MatPat” from The Game Theorists has worked out the exact number of unique levels possible while eliminating any levels not considered “fun” using a set of criteria, which you can see here:
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Jul 23, 2019 10:30:00 AM


We've all heard of Inbound Marketing, but you might not know more then that. Our infographic explains exactly what Inbound Marketing is and why you should care about it.

Inbound Marketing is an essential part of your strategy - it allows you to target your core audience with creative and intelligent content that is relevant.

Take a look at our Infographic to see why you should be considering an Inbound Marketing strategy for your business.

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Jul 18, 2019 10:30:00 AM

Welcome To The World Of Facebook Advertising - Chapter 1

Over the next few weeks, I am going to take you through setting up your very own Facebook advertising campaign whilst also giving you Proven hints and tips to help you maximise your advertising campaigns.

Today I am going to talk to you about why Facebook is such an impressive advertising tool and help you get set up with a business manager account so you are ready to start building your advertising campaigns.

Facebook has become such a massive tool within the advertising industry and it's hard not to see why with users spending an average of 35 minutes per day on the platform and opening the site/app an average of 8 times every day. With 93% of social media advertisers using Facebook to advertise it may seem like a crowded area but with the endless targeting, demographic and placement options Facebook offers there’s plenty of opportunities to get your company in front of the right audiences! Below I’ve listed my top 5 reasons to advertise on Facebook. 

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