3 of the Worst Worldwide Christmas Promotions of All Time!

December, 17 2019
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1. Greggs and the Sausage Roll Jesus.


This is from 2017, where Greggs the company that sells sausage rolls and other baked goods came under fire for swapping Jesus for a sausage roll. The sausage roll is an iconic staple in the Greggs family. It annoyed a lot of Christians, especially with its depiction of Jesus as a sausage roll.

Not a fan, this is why it’s made it to the list as being one of the worst worldwide Christmas Promotions of all time. Obviously, they knew that this would infuriate Christians and it simultaneously makes it obvious that the main intention is to bring out the commercial side of Christmas.


2. Yodeling Cat by Walmart.

This advert from Walmart is terrible because it goes on for so long, you simply wish that it would end. It’s also incredibly creepy, I’m not sure what was going through people’s minds during the creation of this advert, but people are watching this advert for all the wrong reasons.

You would think that cats are popular, for context yodelling at the time was a trending topic, combining them together should work incredibly well right? WRONG! It’s fear bottled up in an unappealing advert.

To be honest I’ll have nightmares for weeks after seeing this. I don’t even know what they are selling, besides their Walmart brand. I wouldn’t like to buy a cat that Yodels after seeing that thank you very much!

3. Peloton



Peloton released a recent advert that was deemed sexist by the general public which cost the brand at least $1billion. It was so bad that their stock price plummeted by 15%, the brand says the advert was misconstrued by the general public. It’s a sad story, they even turned off comments on their Youtube video because of the backlash to do some much-needed damage control.

Ryan Reynolds spoofed the advert, riding its popularity to advertise his Aviation gin which is a clever way of newsjacking (A form of marketing), swapping the Pelton bike for an Aviation Gin Martini, stating the gin is so smooth!

I think that you can agree that these are some terrible Christmas promotions. We hope that you can unsee these adverts because I honestly can’t. You now know what not to do in regards to creating advertisements. If you think I’ve left any other examples please let me know in the comments section down below!

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