7 Must Have Resources for the Content Marketer

August, 28 2019
Kayleigh Walter
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Kayleigh Walter

As a content marketer, there are so many resources out there available for us to use to help make our lives easier. From social calendars to image resources and link builders.

They are all essential tools we should have in our belts but as there are just so many to choose from, we thought we’d round up some of our Proven favourites.

1. URL Campaign Builder

Google Analytics can be a nightmare, especially when you’ve got so many different avenues into your website such as social, newsletters and emails that’s why it’s important to know where your customers are coming from. 
That’s why you should use Google Analytics Campaign Builder! It’s a great tool that allows you to create specified links so you can tell which of your campaigns are working and which might need some more work.

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2. Read-O-Meter

When you’re writing your blogs it’s good to keep in mind that if someone is reading your blogs, they’re giving up some of their time to read it. If you’re sending out newsletter it can be extremely useful to have a little note telling the reader, how long a read it is. 

You might be asking ‘how the hell can I tell how long it’ll take someone to read my blog?’ But don’t worry, this Read-O-Meter does it all for you, all you’ve got to do is copy, paste and submit and it will give you a rough estimate to the time it would take an average person to read your article. 

3. Grammarly

English is a tricky language for anyone and even the best of us will make mistakes. You know what it’s like, you’ve been writing the same article all day, you know what it’s supposed to say so the odd typo or sentence structure reads perfectly to you - that’s why Grammarly is useful.

The free grammarly subscription allows you to check the basics of your content from spelling to sentence structure and grammar.

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4. Headline Analysis

Coming up with a decent headline that will catch peoples attention is tricky, that’s why it’s hand to have access to this site. You can paste in your headline and it will tell you how much of an emotional impact it will have on your audience.

5. Bitly

Links are valuable assets to share on your social channels, whether it be a link to 
your blog or another article - they can appeal to your audience. But the length of the links can sometimes be ridiculous. 

Bitly allows you to create shorter links to share on social media, without it taking up your character count. The link will preview the same as it would with the original, but looks a lot more professional.

6. Pexels

Finding the right image again isn’t easy, especially when you have to take into consideration the licensing rights of each individual image you share. That’s why it’s handy to know some of the better sites out there where you can download images free of royalties, meaning you can use them without having to credit anyone.

7. HubSpot Social Calendar 

Planning your social media can be an absolute nightmare. There are so many channels and all of your content needs to differ slightly depending on the channel and without a proper management system it can all get confusing very quickly.

That’s why we would recommend the HubSpot Social Calendar. It allows you to post to all social channels, including Instagram and if you download the extension, you can share a link directly from your browser and plan it your social schedule. 

These are just a few of our favourites, let us know if you found this resource list helpful or if you’ve got any other recommended must haves for the content marketer!
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