A Brief Rundown of the SMARTYADS Platform

March, 24 2020
Ryan Wimalasena
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Ryan Wimalasena


Here’s the deal, SmartyAds are a form of programmatic advertising. It’s used mainly by marketing agencies as a way of performing automated bidding on advertising space in real-time.

Instead of using Google Adwords or Facebook Ads which are ad networks. Demand Side Platforms (DSP’s) differ as they take into account the real value of each impression which determines the cost per thousand views (CPM).

DSP’s basically create audience segments by creating a compilation of the sites that users visit and create a view from that. DSP’s are particularly powerful because they can upload their own data onto the Smartyads platform in order to essentially say these are my customers that I want to target, they then use a special process called cookie matching syncing, which basically stores data on each customer creating a profile.


You are able to create and share to the relevant visitors that may be interested in your solution:


Banner, Video, Native Feed ads, Rich media (Includes audio) + Connected TV and Push Ads.

Performance Metrics
Bids - Number of Bids of campaigns e-CPM (Effective CPM)
Wins - Won bids Ad Impressions
Impressions - How many times ads viewed CTR - Click-through rate, impressions to click ratio
Clicks - Clicks by users Win rate- Wins to bids ratio, how competitors were the campaigns amongst the rest of the advertisers who competed for placements.
Spend - Sum of total money spent Total Ad Spend.


It’s possible to blacklist and whitelist domains that you wish to specifically target and ones that you don’t want to target. This is difficult to believe but it’s even possible to exclude irrelevant domains, publishers, devices in the blacklist, place the ads on certain domains including publishers, websites, apps and more.


What is particularly interesting is that unlike Google and Facebook ads, Smartyads has a price floor for their ads, which is as follows:

Floor Price
Banner $0.4
Native $0.7
Video Pre-Rolls $3 Small
$5 Medium
$7 Large


It’s up to you to determine whether or not the transparency of costings and the lack of Facebook data and Google data is worth it for you!


Moreover, the differences between an Ad network and a DSP (Demand Side Platform) are as follows:


  Ad Network DSP
Audience Segmentation Has predefined audience segments and categories clients can’t change or update them. Advertisers can target their audience more precisely, applying custom filters and adjustments
Real-time bidding Not all ad networks support real-time bidding. DSP’s implement real-time bidding
CPM Fixed impression cost the same regardless of value The real value of each impression defines the CPM.
Automation Ad networks are not automated. All processes are carried out automatically by smart algorithms
Examples Google Ads, Facebook ads, Yahoo Publisher, Microsoft Ad Exchange Smarty-Ads, Match2one

Geo-Targeting - Select countries and cities to target a specific area. You can target and filter down by the operating system, Browser, Language and Device Brand such as what kind of phone they are running.

Well, that’s a brief rundown of Smarty Ads. Let me know if you will be using this form of advertising in the near future in the comments section below!

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