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    Jun 26, 2018 2:45:00 PM

    Merc-with-a-Mouth Movie Marketing


    Tonnes of movies come out every year and every year you find yourself being shown the same type of marketing. Social Media, Advertising Posters and Teaser Trailers but is that enough to get you excited?

    I love my movies and find the advertising campaigns for them really interesting and I am sad enough to find myself waiting for the next out-of-the-box marketing campaign, one that really stands out and tries something different.

    That was why I was so excited when the marketing started for Deadpool 2. I haven’t seen a creative marketing campaign like theirs since, well since Deadpool.

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    Jun 19, 2018 2:38:00 PM

    Google Analaytics for beginners


    From the outside looking in, Google Analytics looks like a terrifying thing to wrap your head around. I found the idea of trying to learn Google Analytics extremely daunting.

    There are so many terms and phrases, so many reports and so many numbers I felt like I’d never be able to understand them all.

    I am pleased to note that this is in fact, not the case. I’ve only completed the Google Analytics for Beginner’s course and I already feel comfortable navigating my way through the reports and information it generates.

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    Jun 12, 2018 2:40:00 PM



    What do you see? An iceberg or a carrier bag?

    The beautiful image is one of many forcing the viewers to look closer. I had to look twice, did you? Unfortunately, this is the sad reality we are living in, so many plastics end up in our oceans and damages our planet, animals such as birds and crabs can no longer tell the difference.

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    Jun 12, 2018 2:27:00 PM

    5 Marketing Don'ts to Be Aware Of


    So you’re running a marketing campaign? That's great! There is so much you can do to ensure your social media campaigns are running smoothly but it won’t always be smooth sailing, trust me.

    There will be ups and downs and that’s perfectly normal. There is always something you can do to make sure you're achieving your targets and reaching your goals.

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    Jun 5, 2018 2:06:00 PM

    Motivational Quotes are they an asset?


    As a business running Social Media, there are a lot of questions raised when it comes to your content, especially surrounding motivational quotes and if they add any value to your business.

    I’ve always been the one following business posts on Social Media and now I’m the one posting business content so I’ve tried to take advantage of my thought process as a customer and the truth is, I am more likely to follow a business account that shares attractive motivational and positive posts.

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