January, 28 2020

Cadbury has removed all of the words from their new limited edition chocolate bar in the UK and it’s for a heart-wrenching reason.

The ‘Donate Your Words’ initiative has been created by Cadbury to increase the awareness of loneliness in the elderly and with each limited edition bar sold, 30p will be donated to Age UK to help combat the issue.



Mondelez, brand manager Laure Gray said;

 “We’re so proud to announce this partnership and to be supporting Age UK – it’s such an important charity that is really tackling the issue of loneliness. We are donating the words from our bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk and encouraging people up and down the country to donate theirs through small gestures that could really help change the lives of older people.”

It is an increasing issue in the UK with around 225,000 people aged 65+ going weeks without speaking to another human being and it’s nice that such a big brand is stepping up to try and help.


Not only are they supporting a noble cause in such a clever way, but they’re also doing wonders for their brand. By removing all the words and other visual identity factors from their branding, they’re automatically provoking a response from the audience.

When you look at this wordless bar, without even realising it, you’ll find yourself trying to remember what the bar looked like the last time you saw it. Where the writing should be and what the bar usually says, getting you to think a little deeper about the same product.

The more a brand alters its identity, appearance and other visual codes, their brand image is significantly improved

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