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December, 10 2019
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Kayleigh Walter
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Kayleigh Walter

It’s that time of year again, the Christmas adverts have made the rounds on the TV and some of you might be sick of them already, but some of you might not be! Well, we thought now would be the perfect time to do a 2019 Christmas Round-Up to see which company ‘won’ Christmas! With so many companies battling for the prize, we’ll try to keep it brief!

Sainbury’s Nicholas the Sweep


Set in Victorian England, the ‘epic’ focuses on the first Sainbury’s store opened 150 years ago on Drury Lane, London by James and Mary Ann Sainsbury and young, dirty-faced chimney sweep called Nicholas.


Aldi’s ‘The Greatest Show’


Taking a page out of P.T Bartums book, it appears Kevin the carrot is standing up against the haters and working to ‘entertain you’ like Robbie Williams and his song from 1997. Surrounded by friends and Aldi food, it really does look like the greatest show.



Argos ‘The Book of Dreams


Did anybody else use to go through the Argos book and the circle the things they wanted for Christmas when they were a kid? I did and this advert brought back all the feels. With the soundtrack ‘Don’t You Forget About Me,’ it’s not one you’ll forget quickly.



Lidl’s ‘Christmas Elves’


The elves are out and about this Christmas, taking the attention away from the Chrismas lights.


ASDA’s ‘Let’s Make Christmas Extra Special.’


Follows the story of a little girl whos Grandad told her the Northern Lights were actually Santa’s leftover magic. She catches the magic and with help from her brother spreads the mage of Christmas.



VISA’s ‘Where You Shop Matters.’


In another music-focused ad, VISA is trying to encourage you to shop local with Queens ‘Somebody to Love.’



Iceland’s’ ‘Magic of Frozen’


Last year their advert was fighting for a cause, banning the use of palm oil. This year, Iceland has asked for a little help from their friends from Frozen, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven to highlight the magic of frozen food. Nothing too special about this one, they seem to be riding the ‘Frozen’ wave.



Excitable Edgar by John Lewis


Whether ‘excitable’ Edgar or ‘Emotional’ Edgar is better is still to be determined. This advert shares the story of a dragon called Edgar who loves Christmas and gets so excited that he can’t control his fire breathing. It really pulls at your heartstrings when poor Edgar melts the icerink when all he wanted to do was skate with his friends.


After locking himself away out of shame and sadness, his friend presents him with a gift to help utilise his strengths and in a happy ending which doesn’t quite match the emotional rollercoaster the advert sends you on, Edgar finds himself accepted.


It’s a beautiful advert, but there are many mixed opinions with people tweeting that their children were inconsolable after watching the advert to the point where John Lewis bosses tweeted an apology. Why not give it a watch and decide for yourself!



Coca-Cola’s The Holidays are Coming


Personally, it never really feels like Christmas until I see the Coca-Cola advert and I was surprised this year for it to be one of the last released - hitting our screens exactly 4 weeks before Christmas. The advert is classic Coca-Cola, lots of lights, the jingle and even a vintage Coca-Cola Santa for good measure! What more could you want? This year, they’re thinking green and using their Christmas ad to encourage recycling! Now prepare to have ‘The holidays are coming’ stuck in your head for the next few weeks!



McDonald’s ‘Are you Reindeer Ready?’


This year McDonald’s bring to life the magic of Christmas through a little girls imagination. The focus of the ad is once again on their ‘Reindeer Treats’ though they couldn’t help throwing in a mention of their McNuggets. A lovely and sweet advert that really warms your heart.



Skys’ ‘ET Returns’


If you loved ET when you were younger, then you’re going to love Sky’s Christmas Advert. ET finally reunites with Elliot after all these years and it’s as beautiful and as heartwarming as you’d expect.



There were a number of great Christmas adverts released this year, it looks like it might be a tough decision as to who might win Christmas this year, but if you ask us, we think it’s either Sky’s ‘ET Returns’ OR John Lewis’ ‘Excitable Edgar!’


…and that’s it from the Christmas Advert Competition 2019! We’ve another year to wait to watch the next batch of adverts that are probably already being planned now! So with Christmas almost upon us, it’s time to listen to some Christmas songs, play some games and eat one too many mince pies!


Do you agree with our winner? What was your favourite Christmas Advert this year!? Let us know in the comments section below!

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