October, 16 2018

It comes as no surprise that Facebook isn’t as secure as we all thought it was. After the previous Cambridge Analytica Scandal, we all learnt the hard way that nothing is safe online.

We would've hoped that Facebook would have got their act together to ensure nothing like that would ever happen again, but it looks like we were wrong, again.

Once again a huge amount of data has been breached, on the 25th of September hackers got into the core of Facebook through 3 little bugs, allowing them to take possession of a large number of access tokens, affecting 29 million personal accounts. These tokens are like a digital key, requesting certain information through Facebook.

15 million users had their name, email and phone number exposed, though it depends what information they had provided on their profile. The remaining 14 million had much more information exposed such as religion, location, device information and more.

Now you’re probably wondering if your account was one of those affected so here’s how you can find out. All you need to do is click on this link below, make sure you’re logged in to your Facebook account and scroll down, there it should tell you the status of your account.


If your account was affected there is no need to panic, Facebook has said there is no need to change any passwords as these weren't the tokens affected. The tokens that were exposed have now all been deactivated, meaning they are useless to those who took them and can no longer be used to access your information.

“I feel like we’ve let people down and that feels terrible,” Zuckerberg told the New Yorker in a September piece. “But it goes back to this notion that we shouldn’t be making the same mistake multiple times.”

Though Facebook has done what they can to resolve the situation, investigations are still ongoing but it does raise the question, why were they able to gain access in the first place?

Facebook has had a lot of bad press this past year and it seems like they’ve got a long way to go before they find themselves back in peoples good books.

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