August, 13 2019
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With the introduction of the internet and new avenues of advertising and reaching your audience, direct mail took a small hit, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a useful marketing technique. One that can work alongside your Inbound Marketing strategy if you do it right.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) analysed data and found that direct mail has a 4.4% response rate, reasonably high considering the response rate for emails is 0.12%.




  • Studies show it has a better response rate than emails.
  • Consumers do enjoy getting mail


  • Email has a better ROI
  • Direct mail can be expensive
  • Don’t necessarily know if you’re reaching your target audience
  • Lack of knowing if your DM lead to a conversion

We all enjoy getting mail, even if it is some shot in the dark from some company we interacted with once. It sure beats having to sit at your desk and click through hundreds of emails.

Speaking from personal experience, I will always open a letter that comes through my door whereas I will delete an email without reading it. Would you prefer to receive emails? Or would you get more excited about a physical envelope coming through the door?



The truth direct mail and Inbound Marketing are at completely different ends of the scale. Direct mail is more like taking a shot in the dark and hoping you’ll get something in return whereas Inbound Marketing is about sharing quality content and generating quality leads.

When done the right way - Direct mail can be the perfect addition to your Inbound strategy. It allows you to ‘personally reach out’ to your audience and adds value through joy and education. It helps you stand out in the eyes of your audience.

Check out some of these examples below:



Everybody loves food, and everybody loves it even more when an unexpected food delivery turns up at the office half way through the day. Whether it be cupcakes, pizza, or even a mixed gift basket - if there’s something in there for everyone - you did good.

This also works with any kind of food or drink. Why not send a variety of coffee’s to the office or hot chocolate?

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Source: Under Consideration


Whatever way you look at it, everybody loves free stuff. Even if they have no use for it, people love getting free stuff. Why not send over a box of merchandise to your client? Give them the opportunity to unpack a variety of goodies, all with your branding on of course, to look at and share among the team.

The team get freebies and you get your brand in their office - it's a win-win!



Reaching out to individuals can be hard, especially when you’re not able to talk to them face to face, that’s why sometimes all it takes is a little bit of outside thinking to send them something memorable and worthy of a space on their desk.

If you’ve got an illustrator in house, great if not you can find one on sites like Fiver to create a quick personalised sketch that you can send to your prospective client with a note attached. People are less likely to throw away custom artwork which means you could earn a space on their desk where you and your brand will be noticed every day.



When it comes to the Holiday Season it can be hard to stand out - everyone sends Christmas cards - so why don’t you do something different and send a teeny tiny Christmas card - one that will instantly stand out of the pile. Or a teeny tiny Christmas present!

If you want to go that extra mile, why not added some packets of instant coffee or hot chocolate because everyone needs a pick me up when the days are shorter and it’s cold outside.


Source: Wordpress



You’re trying to book an appointment with one of your top leads and secure them as a client, something that isn't easy. So why not send them a lock box full of sweets with a riddle pack full of questions they have to answer before they can open the box and enjoy all of the goodies inside.

This idea will keep your prospect and their team entertained and ultimately reward them with sweets, snacks or gifts - firmly planting you in their memory.



This can be a tough one, but if you do it right - it will really allow you to stand out. Toys and gimmicks will only be worthwhile if they’re fun, relevant and cool enough that your prospective clients want to keep them around.

If you do Direct Mail right, it can have a positive influence on your strategy and your business. Creating something that's unique, creative and relevant will allow you to open a line of communication with a potential new client in a fun and engaging way - one that stands out from the rest.

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