My Predictions on how Digital Marketing will change in the year 2020

December, 31 2019
Ryan Wimalasena
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Ryan Wimalasena
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The digital marketing landscape is changing rapidly and continues to do so. These are my predictions for what the future will look like for digital marketers in the year 2020.

Voice search is the future. The future lies in voice searches in either an Amazon or Google world. With Amazon’s Alexa currently in the number one spot, they’re more likely to dominate the future of voice, especially with Amazon being a dominant player in the eCommerce industry. Why should you personally care? Being number one on Google simply doesn’t matter if they don’t pull the voice results from you, or if we slowly shift to an Amazon world which we’ve already started to do. The smart assistants allow us to do so much, ranging from creating tasks to switching off our lights when we get into bed and saying a phrase to putting the kettle on by switching on a smart power switch when you wake up by using only your voice.


“Voice is the future”


Expect Google to get much more complex in the way it ranks searches. Google is an organic machine that continues to evolve when it has enough content. Technology is moving at an incredibly fast pace, many marketers simply just can’t keep up. To keep up with the constant changes at Google, we can safely say that by keeping your eyes on the audience's attention you can predict the direction in which Google will go. The end-users attention is what Google is trying to keep, and will do so at all costs, as it directly impacts their bottom line.

Content marketing will become less and less effective. With so many blog posts out there, it’s becoming much harder to break through the noise. As shown below from Gartner’s “Hype Cycle”, the content marketing section highlighted in red shows that individuals that aim to continue to use content marketing, will begin to see diminishing returns on their efforts, this is because content marketing is going into the Trough of Disillusionment.


Gartners Hype Cycle

Buzzsumo did a study that showed that 50% of Content published now gets 8 shares or less on average. This number will continue to decline as time progresses following the hype cycle curve. Previously Google needed more content, so they previously rewarded individuals for providing it. Currently, now Google has too much content and wants relevant up to date content. As a result of this, you’ll need to update your existing content more regularly to be current and up to date. Blogging is not dead, it’s optimal form, however, will be changing towards less crowded spaces.

To conclude, Digital Marketing is going to have a huge range of changes as consumer behaviour continues to shift and change. It’s imperative that you continue to start to improve on skills that you can use in the future.

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