Pinterest - The Hidden Gem of Marketing?

July, 3 2018
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We’ve all heard of Pinterest, we’ve probably all used Pinterest at some point, scrolling through all the images, better known as pins, whether it be looking for some healthy recipes, a new iPhone wallpaper or design inspiration for your upcoming redecorating project.

Pinterest is the perfect place to scroll, save for later and be inspired.

It is becoming increasingly popular year on year which begs the question, why aren’t more businesses using it as a form of marketing or advertising? Sure it will take longer to reap the benefits and it won’t lead to direct sales but that doesn’t mean it’s not a platform worth using.

Pinterest is about inspiring it’s users, helping them pin for the future, it’s about giving them options to come back and look. It's about giving them the opportunity to save something they like, to come back and look at as they make that all-important decision; to purchase or not to purchase?

B&Q, Pinterest, Marketing, Social Profile,
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B&Q are currently using Pinterest as a form of marketing, creating high-quality pins with detailed captions and backlinks to their website for customers to purchase. B&Q has an impressive 5.6 million monthly unique viewers and they aren’t the only ones.

IKEA recently set up their Pinterest page this year, Wickes have also got their Pinterest game sorted. I am using mostly furniture companies as examples because of the majority of ‘pinners’ use Pinterest to find inspiration for Interior Design, Fashion or Food. ASOS and Nike are also using Pinterest to their advantage with Nike earning an impressive 4.1 million unique views each month.

Pinterest is a place where people can share and save creative and inspirational content for a later time when it's more convenient for you. I personally use Pinterest all the time, whether it’s looking for inspiration for a blog post, decorating a house I’ve yet to purchase or looking for healthy recipes.

It is the biggest visual search engine that audiences can get lost in for hours which makes Pinterest the perfect platform for growing customer awareness. There are so many interesting and inspiring designs no matter what your topic is, making it a great advertising opportunity.

It makes sense for companies to be using Pinterest to showcase their products. Whether you’re a designer and you're uploading Inspirational Quotes and Poster Designs or a Florist who uploads pictures of their bouquets. By uploading inspiring, beautiful and pinnable content, over time you will find traffic to your website will increase.

It is not a platform that will result in direct sales but it does allow your content to have a further reach than all other social platforms, the average life of a pin is 3 and a half months which means your content will be around longer than other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Marketing on Pinterest isn’t something that will happen overnight, you need to be in it for the long-term rather than expecting quick results. It will take time for your pins to hit traction and generate interest but give it enough time and eventually customers will be pinning your pins and will come back to you when they’ve decided it’s time to purchase.

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