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    Jun 10, 2019 8:52:54 AM


    These days, if you're single, there are countless ways to meet someone new - which means the modern dating world can be tricky to navigate.

    Think back to what dating was like in the ’90s. There were Dating agencies, lonely hearts columns, useless matchmaking with friends setting you up with their ‘amazing’ friend or even just picking someone up in a bar. There was a lot less stigma towards playing the field before eventually settling down with ‘the one’. Fast forward to the present day and the dating game and how we go about finding ‘the one’ has changed massively due to technology.

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    Jan 31, 2019 2:26:00 PM

    #10YearChallenge - Harmless Meme or Data Driven Delinquent


    So, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp are merging! Don’t worry, it’s behind the scenes in which these social platforms will be merging so there should be very little at the front end, for now anyway.

    The decision to merge these 3 individual platforms is purely for the data. By integrating the operating systems, they can see, control and use the data from all 3 platforms - meaning your data will be freely accessible between the platforms. 

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    Oct 16, 2018 10:30:00 AM


    It comes as no surprise that Facebook isn’t as secure as we all thought it was. After the previous Cambridge Analytica Scandal, we all learnt the hard way that nothing is safe online.

    We would've hoped that Facebook would have got their act together to ensure nothing like that would ever happen again, but it looks like we were wrong, again.

    Once again a huge amount of data has been breached, on the 25th of September hackers got into the core of Facebook through 3 little bugs, allowing them to take possession of a large number of access tokens, affecting 29 million personal accounts. These tokens are like a digital key, requesting certain information through Facebook.

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