The 5 Ultimate Secrets of Christmas Advertising that every Marketer should know!

December, 24 2019

Every marketer should know these 5 Christmas marketing facts for the holiday season.

1.) Consumer behaviour dictates what shop owners do!

Ever wonder why the Christmas holidays continue to start earlier and earlier every year? Consumer behaviour shows that shopping for Christmas can start as early as September and October. 

It’s incredibly important to get your marketing and promotional material out there as soon as socially acceptable, you can’t just have your Christmas items out in July, act with reason! Perhaps start a Facebook advertisement during October, to start educating your prospect on the benefits of your product, so that when the time comes and they’re looking to buy Christmas presents, they’re ready to purchase your item.

Christmas will continue to creep forwards every year as retailers continue to adapt to changing consumer demand. Many individuals simply prefer to shop early so they can avoid the Christmas rush.

2.) Prices for advertising increase during the Christmas season.

Prices for keywords on platforms such as Facebook and Google can increase by over 140% than their yearly average over the Christmas period! That’s how important Christmas is for businesses.

75% of people who find helpful relevant location-specific information online, consider visiting local stores. According to Nanigans, the retailers that advertise locally on Facebook see an average ROI of 152%. Therefore from this fact, we can conclude that online location-based advertising is just as important, if not more important than physical advertising.

3.) It takes Months of Preparation and Planning.

In general, 20% of marketers plan more than 3 months in advance for the holiday season, especially in regards to their email marketing, social and paid advertising. This is to ensure they are best prepared for the rush when Christmas starts.

During the holidays, there is usually extra work that needs to be considered such as having to stockpile, manage the promotional materials during the Holiday season and the need for extra staff. - This all needs to be planned in advance to ensure a smooth Christmas season.

4.) Shoppers are getting much savvier in what and when they purchase.

64% of shoppers search on their mobile before heading into a store, if you don’t have an online presence by now you are doing something wrong. We can assume this is to ensure the customer receives the best deal. A majority of them, up to 90% trust reviews and look at them before making a decision.

There’s so much we can do to educate consumers in a way that makes them want to buy our product. An educated customer that has an idea of what they want, the conversation will be more focused on how the product can solve the customers’ problem.

5.) Shoppers tend to buy on the weekend

33% of shoppers impulse buy on the weekend, as a result of the many promotions running within a store. The stores in which customers impulse buy generally have healthier businesses. The weekend is where there’s a large number of people who have free time and are more willing to impulse buy especially in the first few days of the month when a majority of the general public gets paid. A large proportion of stores have a zone in which they call a “Red Zone”, which is usually located near the checkout near the tills and on the first aisle that you walk in from. This helps stores increase their overall revenue.


In conclusion, don’t be afraid to observe other marketers and see when they start their holiday marketing. When you’re on Facebook, instead of scrolling past the advertisements in your news feed you should engage with them.

Try to educate your future customers about the benefits of your product well before the Christmas period, that way you will have more time when to turn a potential prospect into a buyer.

Never stop testing, there’s always a way towards achieving an extra sale during the festive period! You never know until you try.

What techniques or tips would you provide for marketers who want to improve their Christmas Holiday sales?







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