When you learn these magical writing tips, you’ll never view a blog post the same way again!

November, 26 2019
Ryan Wimalasena
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Ryan Wimalasena

In my previous copywriting blog post, we discussed the ways in which you could write an effective and engaging blog post.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say.

It’s really hard to keep a reader engaged.

Or is it?

Remember that even the best headline won’t be a guarantee that someone will continue reading your blog post! Your introduction has to continue to keep the reader’s attention! If you can’t keep your reader’s attention starting with the first sentence, they won’t proceed onto the next one.

Well, it turns out, you can dramatically improve the number of readers that actually read your content on your website! By adding these simple phrases, my articles have become much more conversational and engaging to read.

You want to engage the readers in ways that make sense, you want to challenge perceptions in your opener, or hint at solving a problem that the reader may have. Remember 80% of readers only read the headline and click away. You’re fighting a losing battle, especially when catering to a diminishing percentage of people.

In today’s post. I’m going to show you the methods that I use to increase viewer engagement and phrases you can add to your blog posts.

Similar to that of Simon Sinek and his teachings, it’s important to start with your why? Think to yourself

  • Why should someone read this?
  • Why am I writing this?
  • Why should people listen to me?

You need to start by making your audience curious to keep reading to engage us further in the story. Your blog post has been crafted with precision and care, let’s make sure the readers continue to read it. Some writers keep their introductions unwritten till the end. This is done so that the writing that ends up on the page isn’t set in stone. Using the words “you” and “your” brings the reader closer into your content, the secondary benefit is that it doesn’t sound like you are reading an essay!

Provide a real-world example when possible, people like to see proof when they can.

Write something that people want to read, a nugget of gold will usually be actively searched for even if it’s at the bottom of a lake. People like to share good content with others.

Modern writers use a technique called the “Bucket Brigade” this is a list of phrases that writers use to hook readers with internal cliffhangers, the bonus is that it makes your piece of writing appear more conversational. I’ve taken the following from Neil Patel’s website:

  • Here’s the deal
  • Now:
  • What’s the bottom line
  • You might be wondering
  • This is crazy
  • It gets better/worse
  • But here’s the kicker
  • Want to know the best part?
  • Sound silly? It’s not

Simplify a complex subject with phrases such as:

  • Stay with me! I’ll break it down in Layman’s terms
  • Let me explain further
  • Here’s how this gets interesting
  • Here’s an example
  • Picture it this way

By sprinkling elements of these bucket brigades where it makes sense into your articles, you are subtly engaging the reader on a level that isn’t obvious, yet still bringing out the childlike wonder within them. It makes your blog post more conversational as well which in turn engages the reader.

Keep it simple, don’t over-complicate concepts like you would in an academic setting. Make the message memorable. Most of all make the piece a joy to read, in order to attract, delight and engage your readers.

What did you think of these writing tips? Which one will you be implementing into your next blog post?


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