September, 17 2019

The world of marketing is constantly changing. Marketers need to use new ways to engage and captivate their users. With over 1 billion people logging into Facebook every day and Facebook Messenger being the 3rd most used app in the world.

Facebook as a platform should not be ignored. Especially with open rates as high as 80%, and a click-through rate of 13%. In comparison to email marketing which only had an open rate of 33% and a 2.1% click-through rate. Facebook Messenger clearly dominates the competition.

Previously, Facebook messenger bots were seen as the future of email marketing, however, this took a backseat to Facebook's newer features. But fear not, but there are free options available for small and medium enterprises, similar to that of various email providers that are out there. The reason you should care about Facebook Chatbots is that there are fewer people effectively using them and therefore its easier to cut through the noise. 

The Benefits are:

  • Reduce strain on your workforce, by automating repetitive tasks, especially as customers often ask the same questions such as where is my tracking number?
  • Businesses as a whole are not focusing as much on Facebook messenger, therefore it is easier to cut through the noise. 
  • There is higher click through rates as compared to email.
  • Re-engage your customers with Facebook Messenger bots
  • Drive traffic to existing and new blog posts, getting more viewers to your existing content. 
  • Segmentation is available sending different messages to different users based on the data you have on them.
  • Can use re-marketing to re-engage with existing users.
  • Identify and qualify new leads at the top of the marketing funnel.



Things to watch out for:

  • Customers expect messages instantly and with a 24/7 bot, it may be difficult to implement. Set your customers expectations from the start. 
  • The platform you use to create your Facebook bot with may have fees.
  • Chat management may become difficult as the list grows.
  • Each service differs in its ease of use with Manychat being the easiest and Chatfuel being more powerful but more complex to use. 
  • Unlike with email lists, Facebook owns your users and while there are free options to contact them they ultimately wants you to pay to market back to them, so keep that in mind.
  • Be transparent with your users about how they can opt out of your marketing.
  • Do not spam your users. 
  • Keep the messenger bot simple, they can do a lot but they can’t do everything.

Examples of platforms to use

Overall a Facebook Messenger Chatbot can complement your existing Facebook strategy, especially as Facebook is the second largest advertising network at the current moment and it is only growing. 



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