You Can Build Anything, One Brick at a Time

March, 10 2020
Ryan Wimalasena
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Ryan Wimalasena
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You can do anything, you just need to start working at it!

With the first quarter of the year almost over, it’s clear that we have set goals and forgotten about most of them.

Going to the gym daily anyone?

To be successful with these goals we need to just continue chipping away at them, even when we don’t feel like continuing to do so. This allows us to keep moving fast in our day to day activities, making continuous improvement in our daily lives. I strongly believe that it's essential to keep working on the things that we think are important and to build a solid foundation.

We are all very different people. We all have different goals and dreams, so there isn’t a one size fits all solution.

But what if I told you that you could do so much more, in your lifetime by simply starting.

Remember when you were a child and you had Lego, you would just start building something, anything that your heart desired. You didn’t care what people thought of your creations. The box might be a picture of a police station, but you would just put bricks together of different shapes and sizes in order to bring your imagination to life! If your creation didn’t turn out right then you could always change it, you could alter the fate of the end product at any time, as long as you had enough of a base built up and enough time to be able to make that decision.


Small bricks can add up slowly creating a gigantic mountain, the compound effect is real, and providing unseen and often unexpected results. As long as you work hard, smart and fast in the micro, you are almost guaranteed to succeed in the macro.

Every major goal can be broken down into smaller goals, similar to that of a Lego brick, you can build a 2x4 piece into a 2x8 piece and continue that expansion of bigger and better things. Every brick in that Lego project is essential as it provides the foundation for a strong and healthy base for you to build on with your other bigger goals.

Nothing in your life will change until you start building. So keep building your empire, one brick at a time!



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